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Welcome to the Rotary Fellowship of Gin

Calling all gin lovers!

Do you like to drink gin?

Do you want to learn more about gin?

Do you want to meet some other people around the world who also enjoy gin?

Do you want to participate in some gin-related events that support a good cause?

This group is for you!


We welcome all Rotarians, Rotaractors, and anyone else who is of legal drinking age.

Gintastic Gin Ups

Gintastic Meetup 8

February 7, 8PM UK time


Our February Gin Up should have showcased Whitby Distillery. Unfortunately I have just been informed that they are being inspected on Monday 8th and so they are unable to join, but they will join us later in the year. I have approached another distillery, and I am waiting to find out if they can join us. In case they are unable, I would like to set you a challenge to bring to the social. Find a Gin that is connected to you. It could be connected to your profession, or your name, or the place you were born etc. Let's see how many amazing Gins we can find, and what the connection is.

About us

Rotary Fellowships are international groups that share a common passion. Being part of a fellowship is a fun way to make friends around the world and explore gins of the world. 

This fellowship has an active Facebook Group where we share discoveries and information about gins. We share craft gins from all over the world, gin recipe cocktails, favorite botanicals, how to make a compound gin, how to cook with gin, etc.

We also hold monthly Gintastic meetups online via Zoom to have fun and learn something about gin. We rotate the times so that people in each time zone have the opportunity to participate in them. We typically have a guest distiller speak with us about their gin process and products. And we discuss ideas, get insights, and play the occasional game.

Once we are able to travel again we will also host an in-person gin fellowship activity at the Rotary International Covention. That happens in June each year and rotates among different host cities.

Rotary club members are also people of action who provide service and support in our local communities and who collaborate internationally on projects. One key Rotary area of focus is water and sanitation. We know that gin starts with clean water, so we will also have fellowship activities that give members an opportunity to support Rotary clean water projects. As the group continues to expand and grow, gin fellowship members may want to host regional gin-related events as well.

The Rotary Fellowship of Gin is a group dedicated to promoting gin as an opportunity for fellowship. This fellowship operates in accordance with Rotary International policy, but is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International.

© 2020 by Rotary Fellowship of Gin 

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