Each month we get together online via Zoom for a Gintastic Gin Up. We typically have a guest distiller speak with us about their process and products. 

We rotate the times each month so that different time zones can participate. 

Sometimes it will be gin o'clock and sometimes you may be making gin pancakes!

Details of each Gintastic Gin Up event are posted in our Facebook Group.

Gintastic Gin Up 8

Feb. 7, 8pm UK

Our February Gin Up should have showcased Whitby Distillery. Unfortunately I have just been informed that they are being inspected on Monday 8th and so they are unable to join, but they will join us later in the year. I have approached another distillery, and I am waiting to find out if they can join us. In case they are unable, I would like to set you a challenge to bring to the social. Find a Gin that is connected to you. It could be connected to your profession, or your name, or the place you were born etc. Let's see how many amazing Gins we can find, and what the connection is.

Rotary International Convention

When we are allowed to travel internationally again we will have an activity at the annual Rotary International Convention. 

The convention is held in June each year and rotates to different locations around the world.

The next in-person convention is currently scheduled 4-8 June, 2022, in Houston, Texas, USA.



Have an idea for a regional gin-related event?

Do it!

For example, UK Rotarians sell Purple Passion gin in partnership with a local distiller to raise funds for PolioPlus.

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