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Gin Foundry

Flavour Wheel

Sarah Lark from Kangaroo Island Spirits shared this gin flavour wheel with us at a Gintastic Gin Up. It was developed by Gin Foundry.

The tasting wheel was designed with the identification and articulation of flavours in mind.

You work your way out from the middle, picking the general flavour zone, then continuing outward, move onto the sensation. 

Follow your finger outward on the wheel and you should land on or very close the the botanical you are tasting.

Carmer Spirits




The CSTEM is based on the realization that by acclimatizing the olfactory system to the spirit you are drinking, you are better able to access the flavors and aromas it has.


10 Things You Didn't Know About Gin

  1. The Netherlands made it first

  2. Franciscus Sylvius may be the godfather of gin

  3. Gin & Tonics began in India

  4. The Gimlet was born to stop scurvy

  5. About "Mother's Ruin"

  6. Say "no" to bathtub gin

  7. The gin diehards are not who you think

  8. Gin is not for drinking neat

  9. The classic you never heard of: The Gin Twist

  10. You can make your own

Read the full explanations here

How to make flavoured gin

Gin traditionally contains juniper, coriander and cardamom among its spices, so choose a flavour to complement the natural elements of mother’s ruin.


Seasonal flavours should be your first port of call for flavour inspiration. Keep your eyes on the hedgerows for berries, elderflowers and herbs that you could use.

Read step by step instructions here

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